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Peppermint + Green Tea Mask

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Gentle exfoliant, evens out skin tones + calms inflammation.  Leaves skin glowing + fresh. Great for oily skin.  (Vegan Applicator Brush is not included)


2.2 oz 


Kaolin Clay -  brightens + softens skin 

Fair Trade Green Tea Matcha* -  rich in antioxidants, helps combat free radicals + restores the health of your skin.

Peppermint* - reduces the appearance of blemishes + aids in controlling excess oil production

Chamomile* - soothes and tones tired skin + leaves skin glowing  

* Organic



1. Clean your face; wash with your favorite facial cleanser.

2. In a non-metal bowl, mix 1 tsp of the mask with 1 tsp of water or aloe juice.

3. Apply evenly, avoiding your eyes, and leave on for 10-15 minutes.

4. Rinse thoroughly and moisturize skin for a healthy glow.